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Viscon’s insect farming technology and software solutions provide the backbone for an automated insect factory. Our decades’ worth of experience in factory intralogistics automation ensures an optimized process, tailored to the needs of farming black soldier flies (BSF), mealworms, crickets and other insects. We take care of the logistical flow by automatically moving, handling and […]

A good design is crucial for the success of your Black Soldier Fly farming operation. Our engineers take your local situation and requirements into account in their design in order to maximize your production yield, efficiency and return on investment. Insect Engineers provide you with the basic design and construction plans for your insect farm, […]

Sell Mealworm Pupae Sifting Trays, and Mealworm Pupae Sifting Inserts. Located in the US, do international selling too. These sifting trays are designed to remove over 90% of the pupae from your colony with just a few shakes! This size falls in between our Large and XL trays. Perfect for the large home or small […]

We build connected devices to monitor beehives. Hivemind started out as a conversation on a plane between a beekeeper and a member of the Brush Technology team, the brains behind Hivemind. The beekeeper needed a way of knowing what was happening with their hives without having to travel long distances. Our engineering boffins got wind […]

Robotnik’s role in the project is to design, develop, and implement an autonomous stationary robotic solution whose task is to load and unload crates from a conveyor belt. The whole system will be hosted inside a robotic cell. The robot should be able to perform manipulation tasks in close proximity to humans. The end product […]

Designing an insect-growing device that can be automated at a low cost. This is the first real bioreactor for growing fly (Diptera) larvae. Developing low-cost feed mixtures. We focus on consistent quality, good process economy, and high productivity. At present, the feed conversion rate is 30% on a dry matter basis and our aim is […]